Wendy's Is Now the Most Expensive Fast Food Restaurant in the U.S.

Fast food is supposed to be inexpensive, but 2022 severely put that to the test. U.S. inflation had recently risen to an incredible 8.2% before a little decline to 7.7% in October.

The prices of five of the most well-known fast food chains— McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's, and Chick-fil-A—have grown overall by 12.9%.

This year, Wendy's defeats Burger King to take home the infamous title of most costly fast food chain. In 2022, Wendy's prices will climb by the most among the chains we looked at, by an eyebrow-raising 35%.

With an average menu item price of $4.65 and a 15.6% rise from 2021, Chick-fil-A had the second-largest price increase over the last year.

With an average price of $3.37, Taco Bell came in third, up 14.6% from just a year ago.

In contrast, there was not a significant rise in Burger King prices in 2022. Burger King's average pricing per item in 2022 was $5.14, an increase of just 2% from 2021.

In contrast, McDonald's this year actually managed to cut their prices. In 2022, the average cost of a McDonald's menu item was $3.77. That represents a 5% decrease from 2021.

The price rise for Burger King's Chicken Fries was the most (16%). Chicken Fries cost $4.64 this year, while the same meal only cost $3.97 in 2021. Additionally, Chick-fil-Grilled A's Chicken Sandwich saw a 10% price increase.

A Big Mac will cost 17 cents more in 2022 ($5.47 vs. $5.30), but an Egg McMuffin will cost 22 cents more this year ($4.43 vs. $4.30). 

This year, BK increased the price of their Whopper and Double Whopper. This year, the Whopper cost 27 cents less than it did in 2021, while the Double Whopper cost 39 cents less.

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