Walmart Next Generation Fulfillment Centers Fist Opening


In an effort to keep up with the rise in online purchases, one of America's major merchants is rising to the occasion.

In an effort to expedite order fulfilment, Walmart recently announced that many "next generation" facilities will be opened.

At these cutting-edge facilities, humans, robots, and machines will collaborate to improve the chain's delivery efficiency across numerous states.

The retail behemoth intends to create four of these fulfilment centres, with a combined square footage of more than 1 million.

Winsight Grocery Business reports that the first one just opened this week in Joliet, Illinois, and will expedite purchases for next- and two-day shipping throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Within the following three years, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas will each receive one of the remaining three centres. Each facility is built to reduce a 12-step fulfilment process into five straightforward activities, speeding up deliveries.

The opening of the Joliet facility will enable consumers in the Midwest to get their orders within 24 to 48 hours.

According to Winsight Grocery Business, 75% of the nation will receive Walmart's quick shipping service once all four of the fulfilment centres are operational.

Walmart is not the first to design a facility with the future in mind. Following a successful new retail model developed in China that combines online and offline channels, Kroger, Amazon, and Target have also constructed robot-powered fulfilment centres.

While humans oversee engineering and inventory management, robotics and AI are used in these centres to sort and bag deliveries and parcels.

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