The Real Reason Howard Schultz Opposed Nonfat Milk At Starbucks


Milk is a sensitive subject. In the year 2022, there are so many milk alternatives for cooking and drinking that it's hard to imagine anyone being against any kind of milk, whether it comes from a dairy source or not.

According to the website of Starbucks, in 1989, amid the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, the Exxon Valdez oil leak of 11 million gallons, and the introduction of Nintendo's Gameboy to American teenagers and children worldwide

According to US Dairy, drinking lower fat milk provides you with the same 13 key elements as doing so with whole milk.

According to the website, a serving of whole milk contains 150 calories and 8 grammes of fat. However, by switching to nonfat milk, you can save 70 calories and 8 grammes of fat.

According to Starbucks, its courageous former CEO believed whole milk made for superior espresso beverages and disliked the taste of nonfat milk.

Fair enough, he does have a point. According to Food Network, when whole milk is frothed for our lattes, cappuccinos, and lattes, it becomes thicker and creamier. Whole milk is heavier than skim milk, so it takes longer to whip up into those lovely clouds of froth.

Starbucks continues by saying that the consumer is always right and that they always get what they want.

Shultz had a change of heart when the coffee shop began to experience a decline in coffee orders, and he not only allowed the use of nonfat milk but also launched the booming dairy substitute craze, which now includes everything from soy to oat milk to coconut and almond milk.

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