The Garage Brings Sophisticated Fare to Savannah’s Late-Night Scene


Like most newcomers to Savannah, chef Todd Harris stumbled onto the Hostess City. Despite having never been to Savannah, he was impulsively drawn to a chance at the Fitzroy restaurant in the city center.

Harris is introducing a much-needed ripple of elegance to the Savannah dining scene in a city that is deliciously brimming with Southern cuisine of the styrofoam-plate-and-a-scornful-stare sort.

Harris combines the scientific with the emotional, drawing on his training in great French cuisine and memories of seeing his grandfather run a barbecue joint in Columbus, Ohio.

The Garage at Victory North entices everyone to linger past the bounds of appropriate social behavior, much like the garage of a childhood friend with a "cool parent."

Spam-master Ray, who works behind the bar, thinks back to her time spent studying laboratory science and turning the unexpected into drinks.

The Garage's "Staff Meal Monday," a favorite among Savannah's service sector, is a three-course, family-style meal that draws inspiration from the staff's early food experiences.

At Fleeting, Harris and Ray had the opportunity to work with maitre d' Matt Goodman. The three quickly grew close because they had a sense of humor and a desire to see the Savannah eating scene develop.

The Garage staff's ability to laugh together and focus on the finer points of service and flavor is unusual. Customers also perceive it.

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