Subway Facing a Shortage of Small Cups

America's Largest Sandwich Chain Is Facing a Shortage of This Menu Staple, Insiders Claim

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Few fast food franchises even come close to matching the magnitude of Subway. The chain is one of the biggest fast-food businesses in the world, with over 36,000 stores spread over 104 countries.

The Footlong's birthplace, the company is best renowned for its extensive menu of subs and the variety of toppings you may use to customise those subs. But one thing is certain: a meal is never complete without a cool drink.

However, rumours on the social media site Reddit say that many Subway outlets across the nation are running low on a specific cup size, and a resupply may not be forthcoming anytime soon.

The next time you go to a Subway, make sure you're thirsty since there's a good possibility the store will be completely out of 20-ounce paper cups.

Another recent Reddit post purports to be an internal Subway memo that blames the current small cup shortage on "cup vendor production difficulties."

The email informs recipients that new plain white 20-ounce styrofoam cups would be delivered soon as a temporary solution.

But the email also warns that the typical Subway lids that go on paper fountain cups won't fit these styrofoam substitutes.

There are currently very few specifics. It's unknown how many Subway locations the tiny paper cup shortfall has impacted or when each restaurant will get additional supplies.

This incident proves, at the very least, that casual dining giants like Subway occasionally experience supply chain and production problems.

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