Ice Cream Brands That Use Low Quality Ingredients


Popular ice cream company Halo Top claims that its product is healthier than ordinary ice cream by reducing the amount of sugar in it. For a number of reasons, some have questioned that.

Halo Top

The word "ice cream" is noticeably absent from the packaging of the majority of Blue Bunny "ice cream" flavours.

Blue Bunny

The ice cream from Good Humor may be well-liked, but it isn't of great calibre.

Good Humor

There are 80 calories of fat, 5 grammes of saturated fat, and 30 milligrammes of cholesterol in a serving of their Classic Chocolate flavour that has 150 calories.


There is a reason why 48-ounce tubs of Great Value ice cream from Walmart can be purchased for less than $2.25... It's made of subpar materials.

Great Value

The ingredients used to make these chocolate-covered ice cream cone delights are quite subpar.

Nestlé Drumstricks

This ice cream, which is a store-brand offered at Target, is well-liked, which makes sense given its affordable pricing.

Favorite Day

Although you probably enjoyed Baskin Robbins when you were a kid, it's now one of the most popular chains around.

Baskin Robbins

According to a Mashed poll, the majority of people believe Blue Bell Ice Cream to be the worst store-bought ice cream, which is why it's so popular.

Blue Bell

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