How The Food Pyramid Has Changed Over Time

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You likely have a distinct image of the food pyramid, or rather, a food pyramid, etched into your mind's eye, unless you are really new to this world.

The food pyramid may be pictured in most people's minds in this way, but it is no longer accurate. According to The New York Times, the pyramid was really modified back in 2005, and the pyramid that replaced it has since since been changed.

A history of USDA food guidelines, which demonstrates our government's numerous ineffective attempts to educate the public about health, was released by the Harvard School of Public Health.

Early Food Guides

When compared to modern standards, some of the dietary groups recommended in the 1943 book were downright strange.

As was already mentioned, the USDA approved the form of the food pyramid that the majority of people are familiar with in 1992.

The Great Pyramids

The USDA unveiled a revised food pyramid in 2005 that gave whole grains more prominence, discriminated between different types of fat, and included a person ascending the pyramid to encourage physical activity.

Only six years after releasing their updated food pyramid, the USDA made the decision to completely overhaul it in 2011.

My Plate

The main distinction between MyPlate and the outdated food pyramid systems of the past, according to The New York Times, is the emphasis placed on fruits and vegetables, which make up half of the plate.

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