Highly Opinionated: This Is LA’s Best Breakfast Burrito


Los Angeles has a particular cadence to breakfast. Some people only care about convenience, forgoing taste and quality in favour of something incredibly quick and possibly even healthy.

Others who have a little more time on their hands view breakfast as a kind of never-ending brunch, where workday mornings at places like Venice's Great White mean avocado toasts, espresso drinks, and possibly even a laptop.

Others view breakfast as a combination of large-meal extravagance, quick service, mobility, and flavour, in which case the breakfast burrito excels.

In contrast to other cities, such as New York's morning sandwich culture or Austin's fixation with breakfast tacos, Los Angeles relies on the reliable, dependable breakfast burrito to pack a filling weekday punch.

Due to the intense competition to produce the greatest morning burrito in the region, discussions over the conceptual meaning of breakfast burritos often arise.

Fortunately, there is one breakfast burrito that stands out from the crowd: an exquisite and straightforward fusion of ingredients that perfectly captures where Los Angeles is right now in terms of breakfast burrito culture.

In a nice way, LA's breakfast burritos have shattered my head. The food I would eat every day if it didn't kill me is the one I think about the most.

Probably more arguments to make about what constitutes a decent breakfast burrito than any other dish in the city; the potatoes and the eggs are important to me; everything else is way too important to me.

Any morning burrito that aspires to greatness must first solve the potato dilemma, and at the Rooster Sadighi depends on tater tots to provide the necessary amounts of crispness, texture, and starch.

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