Favorite Pizza Chains Out of Business



The pizza industry is a dog-eat-dog world more than ever. Particularly when the epidemic began, when pizza evolved from only a convenient comfort


The never-ending desire for pizza is merely the most recent episode in America's doughy saga, which has seen numerous chains come and go over the years.


While some struggling chains are doubling in size every three months, others have had less luck. The American dining public is a fickle lot, with constantly shifting palates and preferences, whether they are ordering in or dining out.


Here are four American pizza giants that have failed throughout the years, in addition to struggling franchises like Sbarro and California Pizza Kitchen, all of which are hanging on for dear life.


For pepperoni aficionados in the Pacific Northwest, Pizza Haven, one of the forerunners of the pizza delivery era, is now just a distant memory.

Pizza Haven

If you guessed Chuck E. Cheese, you might be startled to find that the pizza parlour with a rodent theme was actually inspired by another eerily similar idea.

ShowBiz Pizza Place

Happy Joe's originally had 42 locations in Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, but its parent business filed for bankruptcy, closing many company-owned stores.

Happy Joe's Pizza

Pizza Cucinova, an Ohio-based mini-chain with a passionate fanbase, seems to have disappeared overnight.

Pizza Cucinova

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