Cost of Christmas dinner up 9.3% despite grocery price inflation finally dipping


Despite food price inflation declining for the first time in 21 months, the price of a classic Christmas dinner for four has increased by almost 10% from previous year to £31 instead.

Inflation is still 14.6% more than it was a year ago, but Kantar reports that it is down from last month's 14.7%, indicating a minor slowdown in the rate of inflation.

Despite the appearance of holiday relief, buyers will need to spend an additional £60 in December to purchase the same goods as last year, and the price of a Christmas meal for four has increased by 9.3% to £31 from the previous year.

Even the World Cup of Football couldn't get the supermarket cash registers ringing; take-home beer sales barely improved by 5% to £230 million, primarily because of price increases.

According to statistics from Kantar, the discounters' rapid growth persisted over the previous 12 weeks despite the opening of new Aldi and Lidl locations across Britain.

While sales at Aldi increased by 24.4% to 9.3% and 1.5 million more households made purchases there, sales at Lidl increased by 22% to a record 7.4%.

Though grocery inflation still needs to be reduced, at the current rate, consumers will need to pay an additional £60 in December to get the same goods as last year.

A conventional Christmas meal for four will cost £31 in 2022, illustrating the extent to which people will be affected by rising prices while they shop and go about their daily lives.

December appears to be on track to exceed records, according to Mr. McKevitt, as sales surpassed the £12 billion threshold for the first time.

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