Candy Corn Recall September 2022


Before you reach for a snack or give out any sweet treats on the eerie night, you might want to verify what you've bought if you've already started shopping for your hoard of Halloween candy.

A Massachusetts-based food company is recalling its sweets because the label did not state that eggs were an ingredient.

Markets and grocery stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut received the 15-ounce containers of candy corn with yellow, orange, and white stripes from Arcade Snacks of Auburn, Massachusetts.

If egg allergy sufferers consume the recalled item, they risk having an allergic reaction that might be fatal.

The candy corn, which has a "best by" date of March 8, 2023 and is packaged in a clear plastic container with the UPC number 018586001144, was given out.

The FDA reports no illnesses as of Friday's recall announcement. Most candy corn products contain egg whites, therefore allergy sufferers should avoid it.

One of the most typical food allergies in kids is an allergy to eggs. A food containing eggs usually causes an egg allergy within minutes after consumption.

Symptoms include vomiting, gastrointestinal difficulties, rashes, hives, and congestion. Egg allergy can induce anaphylaxis. Get aid if you suspect this.

Candy corn that has been recalled is advised to be returned to the store where it was purchased for a complete refund.

Call Arcade Snacks at (508) 832-6300 at any time, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, if you have any questions.

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