Best Diet for Better Health


If this article caught your attention, you probably already know that what you consume affects your body. Since you eat three or more times per day, every day, eating is your best chance to control your health.

Making the best meal selections from the countless possibilities in our refrigerators, pantries, grocery stores, and restaurants is not as easy as it would seem.

Health Defense Systems

The 5

Angiogenesis is a protective process that controls where blood vessels should form and has the ability to cut off a tumor's blood supply.

Angiogenesis System


Your body is always regenerating. Your body regenerates itself every day, supported by more than 750,000 stem cells found in your bone marrow, lungs, liver, and nearly every organ.

Regeneration System


Because it "controls our immune system, regulates angiogenesis, and even helps manufacture hormones that influence our brain, our gut microbiome is a critical defence system,"

Microbiome System


Unexpected DNA repair mechanisms shield us from harm brought on by, among other things, chemicals, stress, lack of sleep, and bad dietary practises.

DNA Protection System


The immune system has two sides to it. It generates an army of cells that protect us from significant dangers like the COVID-19 virus as well as everyday diseases like the common cold.

Immune System


lemon water?

What are the health benefits of 

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