9 Things No Self-Respecting Man Should Ever Do For A Grown Woman


We're doing very well in this Tinder-sized dating world. With thick grass standing between us and romantic normalcy, we have learnt to dodge the feminist landmines.

America's changing gender norms have kept us on our toes. When it comes to decorum, being "traditionally" raised, as I was, puts you in a difficult position.

The purpose of a partnership is not to simply spend time together. If she's manipulating you, you need to take a look at yourself (because you have wrecked yourself, dude).

 Let her guilt you into anything

Listen, her father is going to despise you whether you arrive buck naked with a handle of tequila or in a sweater vest, suit, or poncho.

Adjust to the whims of her parents

I am aware that Chanel bag cost money. Despite the fact that she is browsing for more unreasonably expensive items for you to buy for her, you still look pitiful carrying it.

Carry her purse while you’re shopping with her

Are you making purchases for her? I'm all with treating your girlfriend nicely. But it's difficult to go H.A.M. and dress this girl in couture.

Don’t try to buy your way into her pants

To some of you, feminism truly is the "F" word. A movement promoting women's emancipation is known as feminism. You ought to cherish that.

Be intimidated by feminists

I want to shout out to all of my brothers who have ever been in a dysfunctional relationship, which is both dreaded and required.

Start fights in public

This is not the same as needlessly spoiling her. If you can't afford to date, then you shouldn't. Be unmarried, eat ramen, and spend your meager resources working out.

Financially ruin yourself for show

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