8 Strict Rules Coca-Cola Employees Have to Follow

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They are strictly forbidden from drinking Pepsi

According to individuals who spoke about their experiences on Quora, Coca-Cola employees are actually prohibited from consuming any beverages made by rival companies while they are on the job.

Workers have been urged to be "less white"

Many Coca-Cola employees were compelled to complete a training course called "Confronting Racism," which included the instruction that staff should act "less white."

Coca-Cola workers must submit to a code of conduct

Employees at Coke are required to abide by the extensive Code of Business Conduct of the organisation.

There is a strict attendance policy

Every scheduled shift at Coca-Cola requires that employees arrive on time. Absences without at least 48 hours' notice will result in discipline.

Theft of company secrets will be prosecuted aggressively

A major mistake typically results in losing your job; at Coke, it may also result in losing your freedom. many years.

Employees are not to talk to the media

Workers "aren't allowed to be cited in any media," a former Coca-Cola employee stated on Quora. And that was intended to apply to everyone.

Workers must report on each other

Any activity, circumstance, or conduct that could endanger another person's bodily or mental wellness should be immediately stopped, and the individual in question should be informed.

No business may be conducted in these two countries

The only two nations where business operations and sales are prohibited by company policy are North Korea and Cuba.

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