8 Popular Brunch Orders That Make Chefs Roll Their Eyes

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1. Biscuits and gravy

Our Biscuits & Sausage Gravy, which is really delicious when had here, at our restaurant, is one of our most well-known brunch offerings: Buttermilk Herb Biscuits with a thick layer of flavorful gravy on top, toasted.

2. Omelets

Even for a skilled chef, producing a traditional French omelet at home is difficult, as you are well aware. It takes a lot of practice to produce the perfect French omelet.

3. Complicated drink orders

Please don't ask us to prepare you a special cocktail at 10 a.m. because we are all worn out or drunk after our shift on Saturday night.

4. Egg white omelets

Kushner does not enjoy your egg white orders either, primarily because the eggs are difficult to handle without the fat.

5. Pancakes

The sheer volume of making pancakes can be difficult, according to chef and writer Shelly Martin. In her words, "I don't enjoy making pancakes for brunch since I'm a chef.

6. French toast

Another well-liked brunch item is French toast, but making it can be a chore for cooks "He clarifies. Make sure the bread is thoroughly moistened before making french toast.

7. Eggs Benedict

In my opinion, eggs benedict is the breakfast item that requires the most skill to prepare. This dish can be challenging to cook because there are so many processes involved.

8. Absurd substitutions and difficult allergies

Chefs are aware that certain people have allergies and health conditions. According to Kushner, they merely want to make sure that you have a delicious and healthful lunch.

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