8 Bizarre Rules Taco Bell Employees Have to Follow

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1. Employees must weigh every item.

Taco Bell employees weigh every menu item to ensure uniformity. A 0.3-ounce-off item must be discarded and replaced with a new one.

2. Employees cannot leave during lunch breaks if they're eating Taco Bell food

A Taco Bell employee on break can leave the restaurant. Unless the employee bought discounted Taco Bell.

3. Workers not on the clock are not welcome at Taco Bell

Employees often feel so comfortable at work and enjoy their coworkers' company that they hang out there off-duty.

4. Employees may have to keep stores open longer than posted hours

If a Taco Bell gets busy just before closing, staff are often forced to stay later than the official closing time and their shift finish.

5. Many locations have strict sauce packet rules

Taco Bell sauce packet restrictions differ every franchise, however one packet per menu item is the usual guideline.

6. Employees of the Support Center may not bring anything but Taco Bell to work

7. Foods must be prepared in a precise order

It's not enough to use the appropriate ingredients while preparing Taco Bell food.

8. Employees must wear a Taco Bell belt

It's more odd to see a chain restaurant without a dress code or uniform than one with tight standards.

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