7 Strict Rules Budweiser Employees Have to Follow

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1. They must be able to life 50 pounds

It makes obvious that heavy lifting would be required if you applied for a position at a warehouse that contained kegs and cases of beer.

2. Budweiser workers must take an aptitude test

The aptitude exam that applicants must take evaluates their capacity for logical thought, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and cultural fit.

3. Workers must submit hair or urine samples for drug testing

Anheuser-Busch InBev requires prospective employees to submit to a pre-employment drug test, which may involve providing a sample of their hair, urine, or, in some situations, both.

4. You must be a legal adult to work there, but not drinking age

Any Anheuser-Busch employee hired to work at a Budweiser factory must be at least 18 years old.

5. You are expected to work at a very fast pace

The workplace expects quick work without so much as pausing to pick up beer spills and broken bottles.

6. Workers cannot be intoxicated at work…

Alcohol-related intoxication during working hours is never acceptable.

7. Overtime work is always expected

The amount of time that the employer expects employees to put in can be brutally long.

People in other areas, like sales, frequently had to work on weekends and holidays, while warehouse workers frequently reported being required to work 12- or even 14-hour days.

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