4 Types of Food & Drinks Quietly Causing Tooth Decay, Says Dentist


Regularly consuming large amounts of sugary beverages may be silently harming your teeth. Over time, beverages like soda, energy drinks, and sweetened teas may cause tooth decay.

Sugary drinks

According to Dr. Goldstein, "The sugar in these drinks readily adheres to your teeth and encourages the growth of acid-producing bacteria, which can result in plaque buildup that causes cavities, decay, and tooth discolouration."

When it comes to tooth decay, sticky things like candy or even dried fruit might eventually cause a problem for your teeth. This is one that individuals might not consider.

Sticky foods

These foods stick to your teeth and might be challenging to get rid of with simple cleaning. Additionally, they frequently include sugar, which over time may promote deterioration, according to Dr. Goldstein.

According to Dr. Goldstein, eating highly acidic foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and vinegar can erode your enamel.

Acidic foods

Even while these foods are good for you, the acids they contain can erode your enamel and result dental decay, according to Dr. Goldstein. "Rinse your mouth with water after eating acidic foods to help neutralise the acid," the advice goes.

Dr. Goldstein explains that bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar present in carbohydrates, which can lead to plaque accumulation and cavities. "Flush and wash your teeth after consuming carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates

Dr. Goldstein suggests that you can safeguard your smile and keep your teeth healthy for years to come by being aware of the things that might be subtly destroying them.

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