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Walmart, Publix, and Other Grocery Stores Sold This Potentially Dangerous Kid’s Drink


    Over 250,000 drinks were affected.

    As the end of summer approaches and the beginning of the school year draws closer, children will have longer days to spend playing outside before the sun goes down. And when they are eventually coming back inside to grab something to drink, there is nothing that appears to be more invigorating than a Capri Sun that can be squeezed.

    Just this once, there is a possibility that one of those recognisable pouches has been tainted with some kind of cleaning solution.

    There have been about 5,700 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend pouches that have been recalled by Kraft Heinz. According to the company’s statement, there is only one flavour present in any of the beverages it believes to have been poisoned with the cleaning solution. The company stated that it was first made aware of the problem when customers began complaining that it had an unpleasant flavour.

    In response to the event, Kraft issued a statement explaining that the cleaning solution in question is one that is intended for use on “food processing equipment,” but that it “was unintentionally introduced into a production line at one of (the) plants.”

    Although the business does not name any stores as having sold the potentially infected pouches, both Walmart and Publix have posted notices of the recall on their respective websites.

    Kraft has announced that it will have the “Best When Used By” date of 6/25/23 on cases, and it will have a UPC of 876840040900. If you are concerned that you may have purchased one of the impacted Capri Sun items, you can check the case for the date. In addition, you can access additional details by going to the company’s website.

    Consumption of the product has not been linked to the reporting of any severe adverse effects up to this point. However, Kraft Heinz strongly recommends that anyone who may have purchased the Capri Sun beverages dispose of them as quickly as possible.

    And it’s not just the widely consumed juice pouches that buyers at grocery stores should be wary of. Due to the discovery of metal parts within the product on August 14, Home Run Inn Frozen Foods is in the process of recalling about 13,099 pounds of their Chicago’s Premium Pizzeria Deluxe Sausage Classic Pizza. Needless to say, this is one extra topping that you won’t want to consume.

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