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This Nifty Trick Will Make Perfect Pancakes Every Time

    This Nifty Trick Will Make Perfect Pancakes Every Time

    You’ll have pancakes ready to make any time you want!

    Even something as simple as mixing the pancake batter in the morning might feel like a lot of work at times, which is especially true when you have to keep an eye on active children. This neat pancake trick genuinely makes the ideal small pancake in the morning, and it’s about to become your new best buddy. If you’re feeling particularly sluggish on a weekend morning or if you’re in a rush in the morning, either way, this pancake trick is going to be your new best friend. The secret is to produce a large quantity of pancake mix and then freeze it in an ice cube maker made of silicone so that you may use it on subsequent mornings. It really is that easy!

    Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to freeze your pancake batter, which will demonstrate how this procedure works and provide you with the ideal pancake form as a final product.

    Mix the batter.

    To begin, begin by preparing the pancake batter using your preferred recipe. It can be anything as straightforward as a boxed mix or as involved as a home-cooked meal, such as these buttermilk pancakes. Mix the ingredients for the batter together until they are smooth.

    Fill a silicone ice cube tray and add desired toppings.

    Put some of the mixture into an empty silicone ice cube tray and use a spoon to fill each cube to about three quarters of its capacity. After you have filled each cube, you can top the pancake batter with any topping you prefer, such as blueberries, chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, or even nuts, if you like. Or you could just fill it up to the very top and skip the batter!

    Freeze overnight.

    Put the ice cube tray in the freezer, and let the batter freeze completely overnight in the refrigerator. Along with these other six best meal preparation habits recommended by dietitians, this is an excellent thing to prepare on a Sunday night before the hectic week that lies ahead.

    Defrost & cook on a griddle.

    You can make as many ice cubes as you feel like you need, so just pop out as many as you like and set them on a clean dish to defrost gradually. From our past experiences, we’ve found that allowing the batter to defrost for a few minutes (about five) before melting it on the griddle produces better results.

    Prepare the griddle or skillet made of cast iron by heating it over a medium flame. After greasing the griddle with butter or a non-dairy option, use clean hands to transfer the pancake cubes that have been partially thawed onto the hot surface of the griddle. It will take a little bit longer for these pancakes to cook (about 5 minutes each pancake), but that’s okay; just relax, enjoy the morning, and sip some coffee while you wait.

    To speed up the melting process, it is sometimes useful to use a spatula to press the little cube down into the griddle while simultaneously stirring it with the other hand. Alternately, if you are using a pan, you can hasten the melting process by covering the skillet and enclosing the heat within it.

    Enjoy your pancakes with desired toppings!

    The size of the pancake produced by a generic ice cube tray will be between three and four inches in diameter, despite the fact that the dimensions of your silicone ice cube tray may be different. After the pancakes have been prepared, serve them with fruit, syrup, or even whipped cream for topping.

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